March 2015 - Vol 98 No 1

Fig Wasps of Philippine Ficus microcarpa L.: Diversity and Trophic Structure in an Urban Setting

Benjamin Francis P. Rodriguez Jr., Regielene S. Gonzales, Lillian Jennifer V. Rodriguez

In Vitro Sterilization and Enhancement of Callus Induction from Leaf and Internode Explants of Phyllanthus pulcher Wall. ex Mll. Arg.

Mahmoud Danaee, Reza Farzinebrahimi, Mihdzar Abdul Kadir, Uma Rani Sinniah, Rosfarizan Mohamad, Rosna Mat Taha

Mycological, Biochemical and Molecular Methods for Detection of Aflatoxigenic Aspergilli from Peanut Kernels

Mohamed A. Khiyami, Medhat A. El-Naggar, Hassan Almoammar, Kamel A. Abd- Elsalam

The Parameters of Mass Transfer of Convective Drying in Sliced Melon

Hosain Darvishi, Jalal Khodaei, Mohsen Azadbakht

Effect of Blade Shape and Shaft Speed on the Performance of a Tilling Wheel of Float-assisted Tillers

Arthur L. Fajardo, Delfin C. Suministrado, Engelbert K. Peralta, Pepito M. Bato, Eduardo P. Paningbatan Jr.

Changes in Plant-to-Plant Variability among Maize Individuals and their Relationships with Plant Density and Grain Yield

J. Li, R. Z. Xie, K. R. Wang, P. Hou, B. Ming, Y. Q. Guo, Y. L. Sun, G. Q. Zhang, R. L. Zhao, S. K. Li

Response of Hybrid Rice to Various Transplanting Dates and Nitrogen Application Rates

Muhammad Abid, Imran Khan, Faisal Mahmood, Umair Ashraf, Muhammad Imran, Shakeel A. Anjum

Genetic Structure in Oleaginous Citrullus lanatus from the Nangui Abrogoua University Germplasm Collection

Ahou Anique Gbotto, Kouamé Kevin Koffi, Kouamé Guillaume Koffi, Jean-Pierre Baudoin, Irié Arséne Zoro Bi


From the article of Annabelle T. Abrera et al. (2015), p. 7–14.

(Top): Morphogenic deformities observed on adult Asian corn borer (Ostrinia furnacalis) moths that emerged from larvae grown in diets treated with seed extract of dalanghita (Citrus reticulata Blanco cv. Ladu), which contains a bioactive limonoid that can potentially be used in insect pest control.

(Bottom): Normal male and female adult Asian corn borer moths.

{Photographs courtesy of Marlon N. Manalo, Rowell P. Abogado, Merdelyn T. Caasi-Lit, and Rachel H. Dacuba; University of the Philippines Los Baños College of Arts and Sciences, and College of Agriculture}

Cover Design: Leslie G. Bolaños

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